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AI Features

Quail provides a variety of AI features to help authors. These features are available in the web version, and some of them are also available in the Obsidian plugin.

At present, all AI features are provided by OpenAI's LLM models. You must agree to OpenAI's terms of service before using these features.

Generate Post Metadata

Quail can generate post metadata for you, including:

  • post summary
  • post tags

To generate them, you can select "Generate Meta" in the Post Menu. After a few seconds, Quail will generate the metadata.

Post Slug is also can be generated. Click the generate button at the right of the slug input box, Quail will generate a slug for you.

Generate Tweet Thread

Tweet Thread is a feature that allows you to post a series of tweets on X (former name: Twitter).

In Quail, you can use AI to generate a tweet thread from a post. To do this, you can select "Generate Tweet Thread" in the Post Menu. It will pop up a dialog, to ask you to confirm before generating.

When the generation is complete, Quail will show you the generated tweet thread. You can copy it to the clipboard and post it on X, or other social media.