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Payment Settings

Quail supports premium subscriptions. You can set up payment in the "Payment Settings" of the list settings.

Cryptocurrency Payment

Quail support 3 types of blockchain for cryptocurrency payment: Ethereum, Base and Binance Smart Chain.

Please read the following posts to set up your cryptocurrency wallet:

Non-Cryptocurrency Payment

Quail supports non-cryptocurrency payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, WeChat Pay.

To enable non-cryptocurrency payment, please visit Payout Settings to set up your payout method at first.

After setting up the payout method, you can enable the payment feature in the list's "List - SettingsPayment Settings".

Referral Program

To better promote your premium subscription, you can set up a referral program to reward your subscribers for inviting their friends to subscribe.

Please read this weekly post to set up your referral program.