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Email Settings

Authors can adjust the list's email delivery related settings here.

Email Delivery

When this option is turned on, every time an article is delivered, an email will be sent to all subscribers. When this option is turned off, no email will be sent when articles are delivered, but subscribers will still see new articles on the list page, feed, or other channels.

Onboarding Text

When a subscriber subscribes to a list, they receive a welcome email.

Here you can edit the content of the welcome email. If the content is empty, Quail will use the default text.

Signature Text

At the end of each email, a signature text is attached.

Here you can edit the content of the signature text. If the content is empty, Quail will not attach the signature text to the message.

Email Provider denylist

Some authors don't want their content to be subscribed by addresses provided by certain email providers, so they can add here. After adding the denylist, when subscribers use the email address provided by these email providers to subscribe, they will be prompted that they cannot subscribe:

The list owner rejected your subscription, because your email provider is in the denylist.

Please split multiple domains with commas, for example: set,,, it will reject emails from, and @soho. com email address to subscribe.